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The Sensorial body with Liat Waysbort
DATO: Fredag 09. sept. Kl 10.00 - 12.00 og Lørdag 10. sept. Kl 10.00 - 12.00
 Sted: Dansestudio 1 ved Bodø Videregående skole
Movement can be originated in an aesthetic idea, an image or sensation.
Principles: Bodily connectivity, technical body, – action – motion, active – passive relations, Surrendering / giving in to movement.
The classes are focusing on developing physical and technical skills and increasing the sensorial awareness of one’s body. In my classes I try to connect the physical/Kinesthetic processes to the awareness and the awakening of the body. I am using references to traditional dance practices and techniques mixed with yoga. With that synergy I am training dancers to arrive at their full potential and enlarge the positive experiences in the practice of dance.
 The classes are very physical and increasingly demanding a high energy and commitment level. It is necessary to have a follow up of the classes in order to sense the development. In those classes I am training the body in a multi tasking Way; where flow of thoughts and tasks leads us into moving in space. We will create an embodiment of information and connect to the activity in real time, As in life – increasing our experiences while moving.
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